The Evergreen State College
"9 TESC FilmMakers"
(Matthew Hausle - Executive Producer, Co-Producer, Co-Writer)

(C) 1998 & 2009 by ROBERT MOORE - Not For Duplication!

"9 TESC FilmMakers"
Screened at AFI in front of around 500 TESC Students, Staff, President.... in 1998
Look for Matt Groening and his "homage" of TESC in "The Simpson's"

Documentary that I "did it all"! Matthew and I (all by ourselves, no crew!) shot and produced this project from start to finish in about 2.5 weeks, including going to and interviewing 9 TESC graduates, collecting all "B-Roll" footage, graphics, music and etc. I cut this on my Avid (hacked Avid AudioVision on Apple Quadra 950 & OS9) . Our total budget was $200! This was produced for TESC, to showcase to TESC alumni and prospective new students - 9 TESC filmmaker graduates (even though there is no official film school at TESC). This Doc was originally much longer, this version is cut down. Check out my "Crane Shot" on the Western Town half way through this doc (my friends, family studio lot, let me use their crane, that alone is worth much more than our $200 budget!). I produced the graphics and end credit crawl using Adobe Premiere 4.21 and PhotoShop 5. We shot this with two cameras, using the first Sony DV camcorder and a Sony Hi8 Camcorder, a two light kit and external Audio Technica stereo mic.